Women’s health encompasses the entire lifespan of wellness. Problems such as irregular periods, infertility, menopause, aging and weight-maintainence are all a part of the holistic view of Traditional Chinese Medicine which always attempts to balance the system for optimal health and wellness.

Fertility was a special goal for the Chinese who encouraged family life. Many treatment plans exist to increase fertility for women who desire children. Recent research on the use of acupuncture and herbs in conjunction with in vitro fertilization techniques has shown outstanding results.

Mental Health and Stress reduction are important parts of any treatment plan . No matter what your condition or diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, addiction, hypertension etc, reducing stress and promoting relaxation is a necessary component for the fastest and most stable improvement in your health. Discover the benefits of the unique combination of acupuncture, hands on healing massage and guided imagery which will leave you feeling at your best.


Home health nursing is available for specialized medication administration  including IV therapy and nursing care in your home.  Your MD may order this care after a hospitalization or even if you experience a condition like nausea of pregnancy and require extra fluids or care.  My nursing background ensures a thorough understanding of the Western medical system, while still enabling the use of alternative care as needed. The best of both worlds is available to you. Call for info on how to get a referral for home care.

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Musculoskeletal rehab is critical for the best post-surgical or pre-surgical outcome. Recent research has shown the effectiveness of acupuncture for many musculo-skeletal conditions from herniated disc, lumbar strain, sciatica, hip replacement, knee, shoulder and, neck pain. Many orthopedists now routinely recommend acupuncture treatments for their patients best recovery.