Herbs are an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Carefully balanced herbal formulas comprised of several herbs which have been documented for their health benefits are available to enhance your treatment experience.

Nutritional counseling involves assisting you in determining the best supplement plan for your constitution, activity level and health.

Acupuncture, an ancient Asian therapy has been utilized for a variety of conditions including irregular periods, low back pain, depression, allergies, infectious diseases and many other conditions. The National Institute of Health has funded many studies on the effects of  acupuncture.  

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Home Health Nursing Home Health nursing care sends a nurse to your home to administer IV antibiotics, to change a dressing, to monitor your health after a hospitalization. Home health agencies coordinate with your MD for your care, and you have the right to choose an agency, not just accept the one suggested. Your insurance pays for your care. As a home health RN, I work with companies that can provide excellent in-home care. Call to see how the best home health experience is possible for you or a loved one.

Guided Imagery is a simple process of using imagination, visualization, intention, and creativity for the purposes of enhancing healing. Guided Imagery does not take the place of sound medical advice, but is an addition to it--a way to bring your own creative abilities to the healing process. I can assist you in learning or practicing this process. Combined with an acupuncture treatment it is especially powerful and fun as well. Learn how you can feel empowered by accessing your own healing and nurturing abilities. Utilized by those with life-threatening illnesses, as well as those committed to  wellness, everyone can find their inner Healer.

Physiotherapy refers to rehabilitative massage, range of motion exercises and other functional assessments to help restore optimal functioning to injured or degenerated areas of the body resulting from auto, work or personal injury.